Positive Reflection: A Leader in Making

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Life is a journey that comprises of moments, instances, and opportunities. But some moments, instances, and opportunities just come to transform your life and change your life completely. These instances can happen extrinsically or intrinsically. External factors could be people, any event in your life, and internal factors could be a strong voicer from your heart or brain and sometimes could be spiritual guidance from God. I also experienced one such instance and that was an external one due to my circle members. This instance changed my personality outlook and transformed my vision, thinking and role-play, and teamwork capacity.

This instance happened during a 3-month Career-Prep Fellowship offered by Amal Academy. In one activity called Mega-Project was a part of this fellowship. We were divided into groups of 5–6 people and asked to conduct a mega-project related to any social issue in our society. For this project, we have to choose a leader to lead the whole project. In our circle, all members unanimously selected me as their leader. This was a huge moment for me and an instance in my life I will never forget. It was really a moment to joy, celebrate, and remember for the rest of my life. I was not expecting this for me members but they somehow foresee a leader in me. So, this was a life-changing event in my life.

Being a leader in the group provided me the opportunity to work in a team and to lead all members. I conducted many group sessions with members via zoom and discussed things related to planning, strategies, division of project work among members, providing them my feedback, and overseeing their performance progress in their tasks. As a circle leader, I learned to work in a team, I learned how to plan and divide work among the members, how to collaborate with others, and give importance to others even when you are a leader. So, it was a great learning experience for me.

This role is actually a result of the trust and confidence of other fellow members of my circle if they did not have chosen me then I could have been playing different roles in this mega-project. This is also possible due to the cooperative and obedience behavior of others towards me. I mean if they don’t act upon words and advice then this leadership could not have been possible. Hence, I think if you want to make someone a good leader then you have to obey and follow him open-heartedly, this will boost the morale and energy of the leader to work for the betterment of his followers and team members.

If I look back on my personality two and half months before, then I would say I was not that much confident as I am now. I don’t know how to lead a team as a leader and how to plan a project in a collaborative way. This instance has significantly transformed my personality and instilled many leadership abilities in me like conducting sessions, consulting all members over a matter, dividing tasks, and overseeing others' progress. In short being, a leader is a good experience but it comes with a lot of responsibilities and meeting others' expectations with you.